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Taking the leap from student to professional is a life-changing experience.

All of us go through this important transition at some point in our lives, and Bintang endeavours to give graduates who join us a great start to their career.

Our approach is to blend exposure to the world of finance working for a leading mid-market private equity firm, with the practical exposure of working within an innovative market-leading investee company.

Our goal is to give our Analysts strong foundations for a bright future, whether they ultimately decide to pursue a career in private equity, management or entrepreneurship.

We are looking for young leaders who are:

  • Graduates fresh out of university, or those with a maximum of 2 years’ working experience across different disciplines

  • Highly analytical and intellectually curious, with a knack for identifying creative and unique solutions

  • Able to quickly adapt to challenges, and enjoys an entrepreneurial and dynamic setting 

  • Driven by a strong desire to make a difference - those who share and embody our vision, mission and values


If you are driven by the opportunity to invest in a better world, please send your cover letter and CV to

Johan Rozali-Wathooth

Founder and Managing Partner

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