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Taking the leap from student to professional is a life-changing experience.

All of us go through this important transition at some point in our lives, and Bintang endeavours to give graduates who join us a great start to their career.

Our approach is to blend exposure to the world of finance working for a leading mid-market private equity firm, with the practical exposure of working within an innovative market-leading investee company.

Our goal is to give our Analysts strong foundations for a bright future, whether they ultimately decide to pursue a career in private equity, management or entrepreneurship.

We are looking for young leaders who are:

  • Graduates fresh out of university, or those with a maximum of 2 years’ working experience across different disciplines

  • Highly analytical and intellectually curious, with a knack for identifying creative and unique solutions

  • Able to quickly adapt to challenges, and enjoys an entrepreneurial and dynamic setting 

  • Driven by a strong desire to make a difference - those who share and embody our vision, mission and values


If you are driven by the opportunity to invest in a better world, please send your cover letter and CV to

Johan Rozali-Wathooth

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Programme Type:
Full time



Analysts are important members of Bintang’s Investments and Portfolio Management Teams, playing a key role in supporting other team members in the following areas:

  • Developing, researching and presenting investment themes

  • Performing, preparing and presenting transaction due diligence

  • Conducting market analysis, primary and secondary research

  • Performing transaction modelling and valuation analysis

  • Executing deals, including transaction structuring, legal documentation, negotiation, and investment committee presentations

  • Ideating, developing, and executing the transaction Value Creation Plan (“VCP”), with heavy involvement at the Partner Company level to provide on-the-ground support for VCP implementation, including (but not limited to) corporate strategy, business development, governance and reporting implementation, finance and operations, etc.

  • Assisting Partner Companies with creating and/or updating their business plan

  • Monitoring the financial and operational conditions and industry dynamics of Partner Companies

  • Executing transaction exits

  • Having the opportunity to rotate between teams

Recruitment Process

Image by Antoine Martin
Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird


Send your resume and cover letter to


Shortlisted applicants will receive an email inviting them to participate in our recorded video assessment.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend up to four rounds of interviews. This is an opportunity to meet potential colleagues at the firm and our Partner Companies. 


The successful applicant will receive an offer. 

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