The Bintang Internship Programme

Making a difference through exposure and inspiration

Almost two decades ago, as a young man pursuing my chartered accountancy articleship in London, I accidentally stumbled upon the world of private equity.


This experience changed the course of my life, and kickstarted my journey into private equity which turned into a lifelong calling.


When I founded Bintang, I felt very passionately about being able to share the world of private equity with young people who were about to take their first steps into the working world.


To this end, the Bintang Internship Programme was created to offer pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate students an opportunity to be a part of our close-knit team during their academic breaks.


Our dream was for future interns, during the time spent with us, to be exposed to the full spectrum of private equity work; giving them the opportunity to develop the foundational soft and technical skills necessary to succeed in whatever career they choose to pursue upon graduation.


Our interns are typically involved in the following activities:


  • In-depth research on various industries and companies located across ASEAN

  • Analysis of financial information and formulating views around their analysis

  • Assisting in the preparation of deal evaluation reports


Interns will get the chance to both analyse prospective investments, as well as work with Bintang’s existing portfolio companies: giving them a well-rounded experience across not only primary investments but also portfolio company management.


Our programme also aims to give interns a broader perspective of the world through exposure to the world other than private equity: we have previously invited speakers from many other areas, both business and otherwise, to engage with them as they take their first steps into the working world.


If you have a keen interest in investments and finance, and you possess a strong academic track record, please send your cover letter and CV to

I hope that a journey into the world of private equity will change your life too, as it did mine so many years ago.



Johan Rozali-Wathooth

Founder and Managing Partner

NOTE: Bintang is no longer considering applications for internships during the Summer (June - September) 2021 period. However, we are able to accept applications for internships during the following periods:

  • Winter (December - January) 2022

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