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Our Approach
The Bintang Capital Partners team believes in partnering closely with the entrepreneurs and companies we invest in. Our partnership goes beyond making a financial investment and extends into helping our investee companies build the foundations to become regional or even global champions. 
We do this by deploying our expertise, resources, and networks alongside our capital to provide our investee companies with true value creation.

For our investors, we bring the nimbleness of a boutique private equity house, together with the corporate governance of an institutional asset manager, to provide a best-of-both-worlds approach towards risk and reward. 

Our principle at Bintang Capital Partners Berhad is to personally invest in each deal, to ensure optimal alignment between the Bintang Capital Partners team, our investors, and the management teams we back.

True Partnership
Our approach towards investing is to build relationships that go beyond being a shareholder in the business. The alignment of chemistry, interests and vision matter a great deal to us.
Proprietary Origination
We have access to unique investment opportunities due to the extensive institutional and personal networks we have built. We focus on exclusive transactions where our partners recognize our ability to create value, beyond our financial investment.
Value Creation
We believe in working closely with our investee companies to develop and execute strategies to transform their businesses. We work purposefully towards growing the companies we invest in through both organic and non-organic means.

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