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Our Philosophy

Bintang Capital Partners Berhad’s investments are based on the philosophy, "the right person in the right place at the right time". This is derived from the Mencius (孟轲, mèng kē) philosophy "天时, 地利, 人和 (tiān shí, dì lì, rén hé)". We have translated this philosophy into the private equity universe to mean that in order to create superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we focus on making well-timed investments that are well-positioned within an attractive industry, with the right match of entrepreneurs and management teams.

We are aware that economic, technological, social and political factors play major roles in determining the success of an investment. We apply this awareness by making timely investment and business decisions during all phases of our investment.
We look for well-established and well-positioned businesses with solid growth prospects. We secure investments at attractive valuations and terms for our investors and ensure we are positioned to create value for our investee companies.
We create "value centers" by backing teams with the right mix of entrepreneurial vision and execution strength. We then bring our expertise to enhance the investee company’s capabilities and resources.

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