A Different Kind of Private Equity

Reimagining the transformative potential of private equity

Our Philosophy

Bintang Capital Partners strongly believes in the importance of deploying capital in an innovative, responsible and sustainable way, while pursuing outsized risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our objective is to strike the right balance between the pursuit of financial returns through innovation and growth, whilst ensuring that we do so with humanity foremost in mind. To this end, Bintang Capital Partners focuses on two primary philosophies: Catalytic Innovation and Humanistic Investing.

Bintang Capital Partners’ world is built around the intersection of these two philosophies: we want to support the creation of great innovative companies who truly believe in our mission to change the world for the better.

Catalytic Innovation

Building tomorrow today

Technology and innovation have become ubiquitous presences in the world we live in: at Bintang Capital Partners, we believe that the pace of technological change and innovation will not only accelerate, it will also dramatically change the way we live our lives from social, political and economic perspectives.

Our aim is to identify and nurture companies that understand, embrace and are positioned to succeed within this emerging environment: and our philosophy is to help them use technology and innovation to improve their competitive positioning, create superior products and services while achieving better outcomes for the world.

Humanistic Investing

Investing in better lives

Our partner companies must do more than just live up to high standards of governance: we believe they must also embody model corporate citizens that exemplify the concepts of community, charity and create great outcomes for the world around them.

Our belief is that by doing so, these companies create stronger reputations for themselves, become happier and more fulfilling places to work in, and creating better outcomes for their customers, their employees and ultimately the community at large.

We also believe that these outcomes drive stronger and more sustainable financial performance: strong reputations create greater brands that stand out and are resilient, whilst better working environments improve productivity and efficiency whilst creating a fertile ground for innovative thinking.

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