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Oneberry Technologies Pte. Ltd. (“Oneberry”)
Industry Leader: Innovative Security & Surveillance Solutions
Oneberry is a leader in providing high-tech security & surveillance solutions in Singapore. Founded in 2003, Oneberry’s clients include Singapore government agencies, large multinational corporation as well as private sector businesses. Oneberry has a strong track record in providing effective and efficient technology solutions that increase security, surveillance and productivity. Oneberry has won numerous awards and has also been featured several times in the Singapore Straits Times, including recently being ranked 19th in the Straits Times’ Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies survey.

Oneberry is always at the frontier of technological development: leveraging cutting-edge advancements in hardware and software to deliver innovative security and surveillance solutions to its clients. These solutions help to automate security and surveillance workflow, as well as enhance monitoring, reporting, incident management and response capabilities, whilst also minimising manpower deployment and operations costs.

Under the leadership of visionary Founder & CEO Ken Pereira and Deputy CEO Arun Murthy, Oneberry has developed various ground-breaking security and surveillance solutions. Oneberry’s solutions have been deployed throughout Singapore to enhance overall national security, as well as used during high profile events, such as the Trump-Kim Summit in 2018, the 33rd ASEAN Summit in 2018, and the annual New Year’s and National Day celebrations, amongst others.

To solve manpower shortage issues, Oneberry recently launched its own line of security robots, the Oneberry RoboGuard, which debuted at the recent INTERPOL World 2019 convention in Singapore. Oneberry plans to roll-out the fuel-cell powered surveillance robot as a one-stop revolutionary security, surveillance and concierge solution across the exhibition, retail and commercial sectors in Singapore.

While Oneberry is presently mainly focused in Singapore, it has ambitions to expand its business in ASEAN.

Bintang Capital Partners jointly invested in Oneberry in conjunction with CMIA Capital Partners.

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