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WatchBanQ Group Limited ("WatchBox")
Global Leader: E-Commerce for Pre-Owned Luxury Watches
WatchBox is a global e-commerce leader in pre-owned luxury watch trading, offering an expertly curated inventory and highly personalised client services. WatchBox is also an authorized dealer and authorized service center for many luxury watch brands. With physical presences in the U.S., Asia and Europe, WatchBox employs more than 150 employees globally. 

WatchBox is the result of a game-changing partnership between Mr Danny Govberg (CEO of Govberg Jewelers), Mr Tay Liam Wee (former owner of Sincere Fine Watches), and investor-entrepreneur Mr Justin Reis (together and collectively, the Founders).

WatchBox emerged as a global powerhouse by integrating WatchUWant (a pre-owned luxury watch e-commerce platform) with the Govberg Jewelers business (founded in 1916 in Philadelphia by Danny Govberg’s grandfather).

In building WatchBox, the Founders have assembled an industry-leading team to take the business into its next phase of growth, transforming the global landscape of pre-owned watch trading.

WatchBox combines all the key elements of the Founders’ multi-generational industry expertise with a disruptive and fast-growing e-commerce business model, operating within the high-growth global pre-owned luxury watch marketplace. These elements have combined to create a business of unprecedented scale within the pre-owned luxury watch space.

Bintang Capital Partners jointly invested in WatchBox in conjunction with CMIA Capital Partners.

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