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Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd (“Blue Planet”)

Industry Leader: Sustainable Waste Management

Blue Planet is an award-winning global waste management group headquartered in Singapore, delivering innovative environmentally friendly and fully-integrated waste management solutions across India, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Blue Planet leverages its proprietary technologies to deliver a broad range of solutions, including the remediation and recovery of waste-contaminated areas, waste collection and sorting, reclamation of raw materials (e.g. metals, wood or concrete) from waste, waste-to-energy solutions as well as recycling and upcycling waste into functional higher-value products, for multiple types of waste (e.g. municipal solid waste, industrial waste, electronic waste, construction waste and scheduled waste).

Blue Planet has processed 3.3 million metric tonnes of waste and mitigated an equivalent of 2 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2022 alone. It is estimated that Blue Planet currently removes 15,200 metric tonnes of waste per day from existing landfills, generates 10,000 normal cubic metres of biogas (as clean energy) per day via the processing of organic waste, and has recovered more than 800 acres of land (legacy landfills) for public use.

This investment was completed via BCP Asia Fund I in June 2023.


Bintang’s investment was driven by its belief that there is an urgent need for sustainable waste management solutions at scale to address the growing volumes of hazardous and environmentally damaging waste being produced globally. In Malaysia alone, it is estimated that approximately 38,000 metric tonnes of waste was generated daily in 2021, contributing to overflowing local landfills and environmental pollution. Through Bintang’s investment, the Firm aims to support Blue Planet’s ambitions to tackle this critical waste problem both in Malaysia and abroad.

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