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A Different Kind of Private Equity
Reimagining the transformative potential of private equity

Our Philosophy

We invest to make lives better

Bintang strongly believes in the importance of deploying capital in an innovative, responsible and sustainable manner, whilst pursuing consistently outsized risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Bintang articulates this belief through our philosophy: Investing in Impact and Innovation (“Triple-I Strategy”).

Bintang’s Impact component of our Triple-I Strategy represents our commitment to ensuring that the planet and its inhabitants are treated with dignity and respect to create a future which is underpinned by shared prosperity through all our investments. Bintang seeks to partner with companies that uphold the highest standards of governance and embrace concepts of people (social) and planet (environment) in their pursuit of growth and profit. Bintang believes that impact and sustainability are synonymous with and an important component of achieving superior returns.

Bintang’s Innovation component of our Triple-I Strategy speaks of our commitment to back businesses with innovation in their DNA to build tomorrow’s solutions, services and products today. Bintang believes that sustained innovation is a critical component of generating consistent outsized returns.

Our Investment Themes

Bintang is sector agnostic but we have identified & are targeting specific impact themes across B Corp’s Five Impact Areas:

Investment Themes - 20 Jul 2023.png

Our Value and Impact Creation


We Aim To Create 150
B Corp Companies By 2050


Impact Investing

Our Impact strategy integrates the following core approaches: 






UN PRI - Baseline Philosophy for Sustainability

Bintang is amongst the earliest private equity firms in Malaysia to sign up to UN PRI.

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”), via its 6 principles and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are the foundations that guide our impact and sustainability strategies.

Impact Principles – Execution Framework 

As of April 2023, Bintang is the sole organisation in Malaysia to be an Operating Principles for Impact Management (or “Impact Principles”) signatory.

The 9 Impact Principles provide a framework for the implementation of impact management system, ensuring that impact considerations are integrated throughout the investment lifecycle. 



B Corp – Measurement & Certification 

With the distinction of being Southeast Asia's pioneering B Corp-certified private equity firm, we are honored to be at the forefront of utilising business as a catalyst for positive change. 

The B Corp Certification is a prestigious recognition awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency across five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. Bintang has successfully met these rigorous standards and demonstrated its commitment to making a positive difference

The B Corp Certification framework developed by B Lab, via the B Impact Assessment (“BIA”), allows us to measure the impact of our Partner Companies. Our goal is for our Partner Companies to not only obtain their B Corp certifications, but once received, for them to also to consistently improve their BIA scores over time.  

Image by Jr Korpa

The Median Score
is 50.9

for ordinary 
businesses who complete the BIA

Image by Jr Korpa

The Minimum Score
is 80.0

for businesses to qualify for B Corp Certification

Image by Emre

Bintang scored

for our Overall B Impact Score

Our Responsible and Sustainable Investment Policy 


Bintang’s Responsible and Sustainable Investment Policy sets out Bintang’s approach to responsible and sustainable investment and to the management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, including the principles which Bintang aspires to uphold and the procedures it has implemented to integrate these principles into its investment processes and stakeholder’s engagement. 

Read our Responsible and Sustainable Investment Policy:

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