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Oneberry Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Oneberry”)

Industry Leader: Innovative Security & Surveillance Solutions

Oneberry is a leading provider of high-tech security & surveillance solutions in Singapore. Founded in 2003, Oneberry’s clients include Singapore government agencies, large multinational corporations as well as private sector businesses. Oneberry has a strong track record in providing effective and efficient technology solutions that increase security, surveillance and productivity. Oneberry has won widespread industry recognition having been ranked 19th in the Straits Times Statista survey of the 85 Fastest Growing Singaporean Companies of 2019, and was also awarded Security Agency of the Year at the Singapore Security Industry Awards 2019.

Oneberry positions itself at the frontier of technological development: leveraging cutting-edge advancements in hardware and software to deliver innovative security, safety and surveillance solutions to its clients. These solutions help to drive more effective and cost efficient outcomes for their clients.

As a result, Oneberry’s solutions have been deployed throughout Singapore on an ongoing basis to enhance overall national security, maintain public safety & cleanliness, and for flood mitigation efforts -  as well as used during high profile events, such as the Trump-Kim Summit in 2018, the 33rd ASEAN Summit in 2018, and the annual New Year’s and National Day celebrations, amongst others.

This investment was completed via SPV in conjunction with CMIA Capital Partners in July 2019.

Bintang's investment is founded on the ever-increasing need for security and surveillance services, and Oneberry's unwavering dedication to creating a safer world for both individuals and enterprises. By harnessing the power of proprietary AI-based security solutions and analytics, Oneberry has revolutionised the security and surveillance industry. Bintang's investment in Oneberry represents a commitment to advancing technological innovation in this crucial field, with the potential for far-reaching societal benefits. 

Bintang exited its investment in Oneberry in October 2023.

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