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Bintang Capital Partners Invests in Integrated Waste Management Company, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions is a leading fully-integrated and sustainable waste-management enterprise with operations spanning Malaysia, India, Singapore and the United Kingdom – and Bintang Capital Partners is thrilled to join their journey as an investor!

The growth in global waste is highly correlated with population growth and urbanisation as well as industrialisation – and the need for sustainable waste management solutions at scale to preserve our environment and the well-being of future generations has never been more urgent.

Our team at Bintang has been on the lookout for sustainable waste management pioneers to back, which led us to Blue Planet and its innovative waste recycling and upcycling solutions, not to mention its greater vision for a truly circular economy.

The backbone of Blue Planet are its founders, Madhujeet Chimni, Bharadwaj Chivukula, and Prashant Singh: a trio of highly entrepreneurial and purpose-driven individuals who are passionately committed to solve the ever-growing waste challenge and to revolutionise the waste management industry.

Since Blue Planet’s inception in 2017, they have demonstrated their skill and experience as evidenced in the company’s impact as well as its financial performance.

Today, Blue Planet stands alone in Southeast Asia as a truly integrated end-to-end waste management services platform which includes the collection, transportation, segregation, processing and treatment of multiple waste streams such as industrial, electronic and municipal solid waste. In 2022 alone, Blue Planet processed 3.3 million metric tonnes of waste and achieved the equivalent of 2 million metric tonnes of CO2 emission savings.

Blue Planet has also harnessed a portfolio of highly innovative technologies to process and recycle various types of waste in a sustainable manner including thermo-catalytic depolymerisation for plastic waste, thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion for organic waste as well as hydrometallurgy for electronic waste.

Bintang’s investment in Blue Planet solidifies our Firm’s commitment towards supporting the mission of achieving a zero waste-to-landfill future and towards developing a fully-sustainable waste management industry in Asia.

We are incredibly excited about this investment, and look forward to helping the founders and the Blue Planet team realise their dream of a cleaner environment and better future for our planet.


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