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Celebrating the Year of the Dragon: A Festive Recap from Bintang Capital Partners

Wishing all our friends and stakeholders Gong Xi Fa Cai and a joyous Year of the Dragon from all of us here at Bintang Capital Partners.

To usher in what we hope will be an auspicious year filled with good health, happiness and continued success our team celebrated the rich traditions and festivities of the Chinese New Year.

We had some fun activities this year which included:

· Angpow giving and receiving (with a reminder by our Founder to spend our angpow money responsibly and wisely, which everyone promptly ignored)

· Traditional office entrance decorations

· Red clothing for all on the 5th day when most of us were back at work - except for our uncharacteristically non-compliant Chief Operating Officer who accidentally left his red clothing at home!

· A shared lou sang followed by dinner of joy & unity which included a special guest this year Sascha Wagner from our Partner GP Caldera Pacific from Singapore / Vietnam

· Some friendly and fun games in the office - many enjoyed card games whilst our Founder (unsuccessfully) tried to master the complex strategies of mahjong

· A traditional (and very festive!) lion dance through the Bintang office to bring all of us fortune & good luck

The Dragon of the Chinese zodiac is known for its courage, resilience and vitality.

We hope that these qualities bless all our lives, as the Dragon inspires all of us move forward and soar upwards!


Heng ah! Ong ah! Huat ah!


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