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Media Spotlight: Impact-Linked Carry

A big shout out to New Private Markets who ran this nuanced and balanced article on "Impact-Linked Carry". 

Imagine our team's surprise - as we scrolled through the article which quotes the practices of the global "whos-who" within the impact investing universe - to find that our little ol' firm Bintang Capital Partners was mentioned too!

The article cites our goal of building B Lab B Corp certified companies as a key part of our mandate for our maiden fund BCP Asia Fund I's impact strategy.

In fact, the governance pillar underpinning Bintang's impact theory of change is to create 150 B Corp certified portfolio companies by 2050 - and we are taking this goal to our wallets (and our hearts) by linking our second fund's carry structure with the achievement of a synthetic portfolio-wide B Corp score - which we believe to be a "first of its kind" approach globally.

EQT Group's Jen Braswell makes the case that by improving EQT's Future Fund portfolio companies' sustainability performance they are able to drive value creation - a thesis shared by the Bintang team and reflected in our push to have our portfolio companies B Corp certified.

However, Bintang isn't stopping at just getting our portfolio companies B Corp certified - our team is doubling down.

We are setting even loftier goals for our upcoming second fund.

For instance, we are introducing a social pillar focusing on creating better equity and inclusivity outcomes for women in the workplace: we will be looking to drive increased female participation within the ranks of the senior management and the board of directors across all our portfolio companies and reducing the gender pay gap; measures which when taken as a whole we believe will lead to higher employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS - a reflection of employee engagement) which will in turn drive better financial returns by increasing sales and profits.

Turning to the environmental pillar, Bintang believes that reducing our portfolio companies' carbon footprints and intensity will result in cost savings and drive the creation of higher equity value in the future.

Over time, Bintang aims to incorporate these social and environmental objectives into our team's carry computations - to ensure that our future investments truly focus on driving quadruple bottom lines: using Purpose to align People and Planet considerations to drive higher Profits.

Please spare a few moments to read the article - it's a well-written piece on a very important topic within the impact investing industry.

Regardless of which side of the carry-linked impact divide you belong to, we are sure you will find the article to be extremely thought-provoking!


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