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Timeless Transformation: The Journey of Watchbox to The 1916 Company

Our partner company WatchBox has now become The 1916 Company!

The new brand unites WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers under one roof creating a leading global retail conglomerate in the market for both primary and second-hand high end timepieces.

The 1916 Company name carries a profound legacy with it, honoring Albert Govberg, who founded Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia in 1916.

Mr Govberg is the great grandfather of our co-founder, Danny Govberg – hence, the name of the company is a reflection of the legacy and tradition of a business that has existed for more than a century and which is still led by descendants of the original founding family.

The 1916 Company brings together more than 20 boutiques and Collectors' Lounges in key watch markets around the world under a single unified network.

Our investment in WatchBox | The 1916 Company is driven by our belief in the potential of the pre-owned luxury watch market, as well as the opportunity to drive positive impact within the circular economy by extending the lifespan of authentic high quality pre-owned luxury watches.

With the pre-owned watch market valued at between US$20 to 30 billion, we believe that The 1916 Company's dedication to the recirculation of pre-owned luxury watches can play a substantial role in mitigating environmental degradation.

News of the rebrand and merger comes alongside The 1916 Company’s selection as one of only three authorised dealers in the US to sell Certified Pre-Owned (“CPO”) Rolex watches on its platform.

This momentous collaboration with ROLEX enables The 1916 Company to offer CPO Rolex watches both online and via their dedicated Official Rolex stores.

Bintang Capital Partners extends our heartfelt congratulations to the WatchBox team for this remarkable achievement.

Since Bintang first invested in this business in 2018, we have watched the company grow from strength to strength, and look forward to the achievement of many more milestones ahead!

For further insights into The 1916 Company, please visit or reach out to our team.


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