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WatchBox Holdings US, Inc ("The 1916 Company")

Global Leader: Retail and E-Commerce Distributor for New & Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

The 1916 Company, formerly known as WatchBox, is a global leader within the retail and e-commerce market for new and pre-owned luxury watches. Their platform offers a seamless trading experience, uniting buyers and sellers of top brand timepieces with seasoned white-glove curators.  

Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Philadelphia and Hong Kong, with additional retail presences in

Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.  

The 1916 Company emerged in 2023 from the union of WatchBox, one of the world’s leading online watch retail businesses, with storied and renowned offline retailers Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers - thereby combining both primary and second-hand watch markets under a single roof.  

The new name reflects the longstanding history and legacy of the combined house by honouring Albert Govberg, who founded Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia in the year 1916. 

The 1916 Company’s network comprises over 20 dealer boutiques and Collectors’ Lounges worldwide, serving its loyal customer base as a retail and service center for more than 80 of the world’s top luxury watch brands. With a global workforce comprised of more than 250 team members, the company is supported by a strong complement of watch authenticator and repair experts, led by an experienced management team with an accumulated wealth of multi-generational expertise within the luxury watch industry.  

Beyond the retail outlets and trading platform, The 1916 Company curates and produces engaging horological content and actively partners with flagship watch brands and industry players to host events. Former collaborators and collaborations include the Horological Society of New York, Dubai Watch Week, Christies’ and Les Ambassadeurs.

Bintang first invested in the company via SPV in conjunction with our partners, CMIA Capital Partners, in July 2018, and in July 2023, Bintang completed its follow-on investment into The 1916 Company via BCP Asia Fund I to support the company’s retail expansion.Bintang’s investment is premised upon driving circular economy considerations which includes extending the life of pre-owned luxury watches, thereby mitigating the demand for new watches and the resources required to manufacture them. The inventory of pre-owned watches accounts for between US$20-30bn globally, and Bintang believes that the recirculation of secondhand luxury watches can play a material role in reducing environmental degradation. 

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