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WatchBanQ Group Limited ("WatchBox")

Global Leader: E-Commerce for Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

WatchBox is a global e-commerce leader in the pre-owned luxury watch trading space, offering both buyers and sellers of top brand timepieces the experience of trading with experts, via a leading technological platform blended with highly personalised service. Founded in 2016, WatchBox is headquartered in Philadelphia and Hong Kong, with additional retail presences located across Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle East.


As an authorised dealer and authorised service center for more than 80 of the world's top luxury watch brands, WatchBox is backed by a team of experts in watch authentication and watch repair. WatchBox is supported by over 250 employees globally, led by an experienced management team with multi-generational luxury watch industry expertise. On top of its watch trading marketplace, WatchBox curates and creates horological media content which is then published via its proprietary website, mobile app and social media platforms.

WatchBox actively partners with reputable watch events and brands to strengthen its brand presence globally. In the past, WatchBox has worked with leading partners within the horological industry such as the Horological Society of New York, Dubai Watch Week and Les Ambassadeurs.

This investment was completed via SPV in conjunction with CMIA Capital Partners in July 2018.

Bintang’s investment is premised upon driving circular economy considerations which includes extending the life of pre-owned luxury watches, thereby mitigating the demand for new watches and the resources required to manufacture them. Given the inventory of pre-owned watches accounts for between US$20-30bn, Bintang believes that the recirculation of second hand luxury watches can play a material role in reducing environmental degradation.

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