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Making a Good Bet
Join a team passionate about investing in a better world



Making a difference through exposure and inspiration

Bintang aims to provide our interns with a comprehensive understanding of the private equity industry and the firm's operations, as well as exposure to investments, portfolio management, and firm-wide activities.


Our Bintang Internship Programme also seeks to foster professional development and networking opportunities through guest speakers from outside the firm.

Deadline for application:

18 April 2024

Graduates Holding Diplomas


Start changing the world

Bintang’s goal for our Analyst Programme includes providing analysts with a well-rounded understanding of the private equity industry and exposure to investments, operations, and portfolio management of the firm.


The programme also aims to provide analysts with valuable hands-on experience by seconding them to one of our Partner Companies, allowing them to develop their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

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